To the cruelty of life

I beheld my tears

In the absence of light

I shattered my fears;


For when the light penetrated

through the wooden pale windows

and gently touched the ground,

We danced there slowly

in the absence of sound.



To the cruelty of life

I fail to utter words

In the absence of essence

I mused upon the absurd;


For when the light cracked

through my vacant vessel

and gently touched my heart,

I stood there silent

amid emotions torn apart.



To the cruelty of life

I have suffered, I have lived

instants gone with thought

to repress in memory

what my mind had sought:


Surreal beauty

arising from dust,

ecstatic romance

emerging from loss,

& a will to live

as death come across


Over the quest for essence

In abandoned anguish

Feeding over presence

I sought and sought.



Cruelty of life,

When time welcomes existence

as it creeps within my skin,

I am left with no choice

but to love it all

as it burns and burns


Youssef Bouchi