If ever you were granted the chance to spectate the world and just look at planet Earth and its evolution and revolutions immortally and endlessly, would you take it?

I have been asking everyone around me a very simple and elegant question; “what is the ultimate purpose of life?”

We have all asked that question at a certain point in our lives but somehow we just choose to let go of questions that do not have answers. The paradox in this however, is that we are wanderers who are addicted to seeking and asking much more than finding answers. Because maybe when you find answers, all the adrenaline, challenge and exhiliraton is just gone! So how come we let go of the most thrilling question of all? Is it because it’s almost impossible to find the answer? Or is it because we just ignore the fact that all of this will come to an end one day, and in that we find bliss?

And after we realize that we have been finding bliss in spite of the unpredictable future full of mysteries and unknowns, and the idea that we, and everyone we love, and everyone we ever heard of will come to a halt and simply vanish, we learn that we have been forming bliss instead of finding it. So is it a change in perspective that makes us go on? A change that stems from ignorance?

And this is exactly what troubles me; the fact that i need something to grasp, something that would make me want to go on and hold on and open my arms and run freely into whatever purpose life has for me. But what if “change of perspective” is the only way? What if that something that I’m impatiently waiting for to come and save me is nonexistent after all?

Maybe what makes me hold on is the knowledge of the possibility of stumbling into what will make me want to hold on.

If I were granted the chance to spectate upon Earth, I would throw it away, and choose to be a part of it. I would rather be a participant than an observer who has no interaction whatsoever with the game or the players. We all want that, right? We all want to feel that we’re relevant to someone, we all want to be a part of something.

All we are is participants in purposelessness and meaninglessness and from that and from within we make our own meanings and set our own purposes.