I’m currently in a place in life where I have no clue what it’s going to be like in the next hour. I expect anything from life, from the people, and even from myself. It’s like I don’t even have control on my very own actions. But then again, I do.

It’s complicated, understanding yourself and others. Then imagine how complicated it is to understand life itself, its meaning, and “destiny”. What if it’s better off as a mystery? We seek answers and explanations indefinitely, dismissing the fact that the outcome will hurt, instead of actually living the moment. How can you ignore that your life might literally end while you’re reading this? And how can you not cherish every moment when you’re always one step closer to the end?

Open your eyes and stop wasting time on things that do not matter ultimately. Time is all you have and time is the closest thing to defining life, do not belittle it.

And when you waste time to think of your life, always remember that it is all about relativity. We tend to compare ourselves to the ones who lead a “better” life and tend to disregard that there will always be someone who suffers more than we do. You expect a “be strong” right? Well that is never enough, you don’t just have to be strong; you have to literally be aware of the moment, of every moment. Let the past be the past and the future a mystery.

Don’t become another robot succumbed to society and its idiotic rules of inequality and meaningless criticisms. A robot cannot grow, it does not have a mind nor a soul. Don’t let society, the past, or the possibility of the future transform you into an ignorant limited robot. Appreciate and notice the little details that surround you, the sounds you hear, the food you taste, and everything you touch and then you will grow. You will grow wiser and become more humane, you will understand more and acknowledge the mysteries of life and that knowing and understanding are very different.

Remember, time is the closest to defining life. Make yourself a beautiful watch, second by second, in every single moment.