Fawzi is a 13 year old uneducated boy who has no power over all the shit life has fed him.

I was having a not so well deserved lunch break at a small snack bar with a friend and I noticed a boy looking at me with embarrassment and sadness. His sparkly eyes pierced my soul and mind in a very weird and special way.

He came up to me calmly as I waited for my food, and asked for 500 Lebanese Pounds, which is literally worth chewing gum. I told him I would give him the money after we’re done eating.

I asked him a couple of questions and learned that he lives with his feckless father and the rest of his messed up family in a tiny garage. When I asked if he ever tried to get educated, he sadly nodded a yes and added that his father would beat him if he asks again.

I kept interrogating him and he kept responding but with every reply he would remind me of the 500LBP and I would reassure him that he’s going to get it.

I told him to take a walk with me; and as we walked together I asked him if he knew how the concept of day and night occurs. He confidently replied with a big loud yes. I knew that he probably thought the Sun takes a swim in the ocean at night and it flies high during the day. So I went ahead and began explaining how it all works.

I explained to him that our Sun is fixed relative to Earth and that they are both spherical objects; elaborated that the earth rotates just like a rolling ball on an inclined slope and orbits the Sun to complete a year.

As I spoke further of our magical solar system, his sad eyes gradually widened up and the spark they produced transformed into an enthusiastic glare. He started repeating all the ideas that he had just grasped over and over with a lot of energy and emotion and cracked one of the purest smiles I have ever witnessed. And I bet that his eyes wouldn’t have shone half as much as they did had I given him a fortune.

Fawzi learned something that we all know of and don’t pay much attention to, and it gave him so much joy that even him, the most needy of us all, totally forgot about the material that controls our world, and ran along with a smile on his face and joy in his heart.

I learned on that day that even the things we don’t appreciate can make a change in others, and that leaving impact on at least one person in your life will change both of your lives. Just as I will never forget Fawzi, he will always remember me.

A ten minute conversation has the power to leave an infinite impact; a little effort has the power to change the world.