An “ideal” man is straight, highly educated, and successful. He’s nonexistent. Notice how no one is ideal in this world simply because as much as you try to go to places and climb society’s ladder of success, you will always be criticized. Sure, you don’t give a shit about people’s opinions, good for you really but that’s not the point.

What is freedom?

What is freedom in a world where one cannot love another human being for his/her soul and not his/her gender? What is freedom in a world where kids are born in uneducated families and join the street business at the age of 6? What is freedom in a world where a woman gets laid on a drunken wild night and kills her baby the next couple of months?

Hell I was really close to being aborted but here I am writing about what I have learned in the past 18 years.

I learned that we’re doing it wrong; I learned that every single human being on this planet deserves more. Poor kids deserve to be educated. Wealthy men must feel the satisfaction of giving. Humans in general should value themselves and each other more than they value their materialistic creations.

Some will call me gullible, some will call me hopeful. But in fact, it’s the materialistic and judgmental people who are gullible.

As Socrates once said, “strong minds discuss ideas, weak minds discuss people.”

It is sad how weak minds are everywhere in this world and how little is the number of strong minds who use their powers to reflect and change the world.

Being ideal is quite easy; do what you love, don’t harm others along the way, and invest a little in coloring the world.

You can be a muslim, christian, buddhist, whatever you fucking wanna be. Hell i can start my own religion if I want to because religion is supposed to teach humans lessons; lessons concerning peace and love. Unfortunately we like to add our own touch to how things are supposed to be very destructively. We start wars and kill millions for religious reasons that are not even included in our religions. You don’t mind loving and being with someone of your own gender? I think that’s beautiful because you are more into loving the soul than the body. Then people are supposed to be just exactly who they want to be. Be free and live that short mortal life of yours freely and your only condition is quite simple; treat others as you want to be treated.